End of season ride!

I started w/ a title typo saing “endo of season ride” but HAPPILY no, there were no people going over handlebars.

In hindsight, the “free form bike culture” that evolves when disorganized people are “running” things … worked out ok. One person didn’t find us for the ride at all. There are two parking lots at the park we started from and lesson one: be redundant and repeat all those kinds of details (whichlot you’re starting in) every chance. HOwever, all but that one got over to us so I’m thinking maybe they were a bit late to the wrong lot?

Now, there was a long loop and an out and back, and the long loop was turning right away and I was leading the out and back and … ONE PERSON rode that with me. I was certain that at least half a dozen folks had wanted to do out and back. Well, one realized she wasn’t going fast enough and … found her way to HOmer Lake any way, but didn’t get back to the snacks, but got back riding in the wind ’til she wearied and picked up a ride the rest of the way from a farmer checking his fields.
Three others went out and did their own 16 mile route and went to Riggs Brewery, then joined us for the picnic.
The rest did the loop, some duly noting it was (about 4 miles) longer than advertised — but with the “okay, pushed a little further!” attitude, not “YOU SAID IT WAS 32 MILES!!!” (a cultural thing ;))

It was awesome for getting rid of most of the leftover snacks from the August 21 ride. The folks I asked to do things like grill felt good about it — as in “don’t ask me to be on the board, but that was cool.” And “pot luck syndrome” happened. Foods just appeared on the table. I LOVE our diverse community because nom nom there were ALL KINDS of things from hummus to Not Americanized Potato Salad so it was potatoes and radishes and … not a bunch of fillers and sweetners… but there was also barbecue beans, all sweet and american.
And between yesterday and today I got in oh, over 70 miles if you count goin’ to church and the store. And my fraying tire did not go flat. We speculated that it might be sunrot, not wear… it feels good to have for the first time in a decade a “worn out like SUe JOnes wears things out” tire even if it’s not all *worn* out.

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