only at night ;)

It was misty, foggy, riding-through-cloud weather so I turned the helmet on. I wondered whether drivers would be acting as they have at night — nope! That Freedom truck flat out cruised through the red light at Vine and Illinois (no real danger; I was the only other creature and … I could see he wasn’t stopping, but I informed him it was a red light and he should have stopped in my 10-year-old voice…)

On Country Fair a car pulled up on my left with right signal on… didn’t righthook or anything but drivers have been *hanging back* (as in five car lengths) withthe helmet on at night.

So it’s not the unicorn 😉

Third day that I saw a school bus ahead of me on Main Street as I turned; first time a kiddo got on and an adult went back in the house. Past two times… it was stopped there but then, as I got closer, the bus pulled away. Hey, kiddo, GET TO SCHOOL, okay? (and c’mon, can’t y’all be texting each other about this?)

Big concrete cylindrical pipey things at Main and Lincoln as continued Signs Of Progress.

Folks still masking even outside except for the occasional, usually young white male, exception or the jogger. Of course many of them are about to get on a bus but it’s not “I’ll stick this thing on at the last minute…” Must have been four or five folks where I’d take the bus from home. I wonder if the cuts in service mean that one’s more crowded or if there are just that many people this season. I hope they can get more drivers! They announced two hydrogen-powered buses yesterday.

And the Covid numbers from yesterday were oh, about 5 fewer cases in the state than last week… a bit under 3000. I keep hoping we’ll get to where it’s few enough contagious folks so that they don’t contact unvaccinated but this thing is so contagious… and deaths just keep happening, enough so that I wonder if it’s significantly more deadly.

But! Time to tackle work stuff!

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