Missing Pink

Okay, yes, it seems I’m having to say “it’s called a stop sign!” more often but… going West on Washington the car comin’ up behind slowed and put his right blinker on so that I could ease into the middle lane in front of him ’cause I go straight. To be At My Place At 8:00 means adding about 4 minutes because I have to walk through more of inside buildings to get there… so my “how late am I?” measures need to be shifted. I see my SIMCOE rider still, west of Wright (instead of on Main in Urbana). The Orange…. doesn’t go by me 😛 Used to be I knew I was good if I saw the Pink coming down Country Fair but that route is on the “oops, we don’t have enough drivers!” list so… nope!

The new construction has highly reflective surfaces that are blinding to the west bound folks in the a.m. — it’s bike path not cars so of course they didn’t consider it. At night it has a more interesting effect: it’s got red and blue lights and if there’s a car parked under the lights, they reflect off the windshield so it seems there’s police presence.

The runaway COVID train is slowly slowly slowing down…. just hope it doesn’t find a metaphorical hill to pick up speed….

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