Statistically significant?

I’m pretty sure I’ve had to do the “It’s called a stop sign” thing about 10 times as often as usual this past month. OK last night it was somethign like “you should really check before you turn into a place.” End of chorus and I was behind Toby’s (I think) big ol’ white SUV leaving the parking lot and this guy just pulls in as if I weren’t there and yes, stops before he hits me but the whole stay on your side of the road thing wasn’t happening. He just … stops there, so I ease forward a bit… his window’s down, I say whatever I said and … no response. He just … stares. Two cars behind him, I don’t know what they’re doing so I’m disinclined to pull out into traffic, eh? Finally he eases on in, and one of the 2 cars behind pulls in too, the other goes straight…..

….I really don’t think any of my bling was blinding — the headlight wasn’t on the brightest setting, the spoke light is a blue blinkie, the string of tiny LEDs on the basket are… tiny!!! and the red and orange and white on the helmet are none too bright. Yes, the tail lights are brilliant so he probably could see them blinking but it was behind me, as was the glowing orange plastic trick or treat bucket. Did I say I’d put a *lot* of lights on? I hadn’t turned on the second blinkie headlight… I do wonder if I created something Just Too Weird, or perhaps in the “Uncanny Valley”??

Numbers just a bit better than last week… to my relief da gubner is still talkin’ tough about vax requirements, not “oh, numbers goin’ down we can chill.” They’re only going down BECAUSE of vax and masks.

Student asked as I came in why I was dressed as I was. I wondered about my choice of attire, but it was the helmet. Now, she might have been wanting to know why I had a rainbow unicorn festooning it… but she didn’t ask. I just said “I ride a bicycle, and it’s easier to wear it than carry it.” Doesn’t everybody have rainbow unicorns on their heads?

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