Monday :)

Had awesome Moonlight Ride Saturday night. About 50 riders, including a first timer with underinflated tires. I need to put on my TO DO list to find my CO2 cartridge because I didn’t feel it was worth attempting to fill it with a frame pump and my puny arms, tho’ they were 35’s and probably pretty. darned low. We were going down a hill and I noted that I’d decided to get smaller tires when I noticed how often I’d be pedaling while my friends coasted and … she had just noticed that 😉

One of the Things I didn’t remember about that other commute was seeing CU33180 again 😉 No, didn’t do anything hazardous but I felt compelled, as she was to my right at the traffic light, to inform the dog leaning out the window of the car infront of me that the driver of that car sometimes didn’t look when she pulled out.

This morning I was only Almost Running Late 😉 Greeted a fellow in Jamaican colors and got an enthusiastic reply, so I replied “It’s Monday!” as evangelically as I could… then crossing University a pedestrian decided to start at “3” at the countdown and jog it… I said, “You got this!” but … she looked like she was crying. So actual prayers in that direction.

And progress continues at Main and Lincoln but they haven’t been jovial of the mornings.

There’s a new bake shop on Goodwin at the swanky new apartment complex. It’s got five dollar pastries… I stuck to Einstein Bagels, which had enough of a line for me to just prop open the door and lean and let the line build behind me. Happily, when I ducked in, a few folks kept the practice up so for a good ten minutes there was real air flow into the joint. There was one maskless dude who just got drinks and left… everybody else to code, but … Delta would have been just happy happy happy in there.

And apparently a bottom bracket is on order for the red bike. Hoping!

Oh, and … I would *swear* that coming in to Parkland — with lots of traffic because I was basically on time so everybody else who needed to arrive at 9:00 was getting there — I was going to have to get all assertive to go between cars to make my left turn, except a driver just slowed down and made space from several cars back as if they’d seen me and anticipated the need. (Hey, I know some folks think everybody’s out to get them, so I guess I balance it out?)

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