the daily fun

Chatted at work w/ person who reminded me how easily we make false assumptions about what is “convenient” based on habit. Bicycling just gradually took over… and then driving was the weird, inconvenient thing. (They were figuring out acquiring another car.) No, really, it’s about 3 times a year that Having A Car Would Have Made That Easier. So many more times when Not Having A Car Makes This So Much Easier.

TOday’s commute just had so many Little Biking Things that I knew I had to blog about it — but work was crazy busy so now I won’t remember half of them. I ducked down Anderson instead of turning and … yea, that’s the smoothest road around ;0 Had a holler out the window at me “I Love your Bike!”… and at Main and Lincoln it’s all dug up and crazy and I was compelled to say “Thank you! It’s going to be beautiful” at workers whose faces just made that face when oops, nope, I didn’t say what they expected. I figure they’ll hve figured it out and smiled by the time I got to the end of the road 😉

Now that they’ve almost finished construction so that a person can use the “bike route” (that’s on the map, but has only been usable for less than 20% of the past 5 years b/c they keep putting new buildings in), the “oh, we can’t make a curb cut” is painfully obvious. I hope we wear down that triangle quickly.

Had a rare horn thing happen when yea, there were two cars trying to get past on Church westbound. I couldn’t figure out which person was horny, but … I caught up to them all at the light. Yea, they could have just … gone ’round like most of ’em do… but it was my fault, too. I’d just gone much further to the right than usual b/c a person slowly pedaling the other way on the sidewalk and I had to exchange radical smiles… and hadn’t gotten back out. C’mon, Sue, your full-endorphin-beatific smile doesn’t need proximity. (Sigh. I still haven’t figured out how to capture the beatific tone of voice except on that one video…)

Got out iwth the Green and … *totally* outrode it!! Usually if things go well, I see it again at the terminal — today it was half a mile *from* the terminal when our paths crossed. I had to wait Forever And A Day (okay, probably a full minute) at Main and LIncoln going home — happily, no confusions but OH yea, NOW I REMMEMBER … there was just a Full Midwestern Wait Your Turn thing where we all just ignored the precise “who has the right of way” and … the guy made a left, the next guy went, and the other guy knew he could go next and nobody had their faces in their phones… You sorta had to be there but it was mildly beautiful.

And finally, I’m going east on Washington to the Dreadful Four Way at Washington and Vine, and oh, the kid and maternal type look like yes, they do need to cross there — and all the traffic stops as mom seems to be explaining that they’re going to be there a while so I say “I think they’re ready for you to cross!” clearly and she looks up and says “Thank you!” and gets goin’ and I’m the big fat cover bike slowly starting across but yes, they’re all waiting.

That’s how we roll 🙂

(On the other hand… so many candles for Alura who died crashing into the tree… and somebody else went SCREAMING up the street just now.)

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