The Famous Sue Jones

…. talked to Kathy (Cathy?) on an Allant at the food coop and when I said I was Sue …. she asked if I was the famous Sue Jones iwth the bike blog 😉

Nothing like knowing there’s a reader or five to inspire a post or two!

On the ride home, the path through campus has been OPEN — tho’ I’m not sure it is in the morning. I think they’re still doing some construction. Yes, the U has “bike routes” that in the five years they’ve been “bike friendly,” have been closed for 3.5 of them, and they know that. Part of the Ruby “lip service” category in my book…. no, they can’t make a curb cut for us so yes, I can cut through and then have to dive right or left, take sharp turns on the pedestrian cuts.

And there were two blivit-faces today…. one on University where there was a parked car on the right and the car in the left lane slowed to turn, so the poor guy in the Mercedes had to slow down for almost 3 seconds before laying on the horn going ’round me. To their credit, not a close pass. Then crossing Lincoln — which is awful because they’re doing construction so it’s one lane southbound — when somebody slowed to turn which created a gap, I went across and CRFTN5 decided he could make a left anyway. He may not have seen me because he looked “defensive white male figuring out if he has to punch somebody” when I hollered “Usually we wait our turns little boy!!!” at him. Dudes, if the sun is in your eyes, wait. (And don’t have a vanity tag if you’re going to break the law…)

Riding is faster if you pump up your tyres 😉 but I still don’t have the Xtracycle back… I’ve been riding the fast bike on the Saturday Saunter because it’s been so hot that going slow just happens.

I’ve been matching the Green on the ride home most days — see it leaving Parkland, at the terminal, and again coming up Race Street. Not today — didn’t get out fast enough, and … that might be normal now that Students Are Back when I’m leaving at 5.

and … this weekend is Labor Day. Fall’s comin’ 😉

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