Spring is here

For the second time in my 20+ years here, a driver passed me on the viaduct going under the railroad track, going around the concrete pylons to the other side of the street…. the first time was before they’d put traffic lights at Neil. I had the pleasure of coasting up behind the hustler ’cause it saved him no time at all…

Last week Tuesday’s late-morning ride in was a tad slushy…. maximum drowned rat effect. Real snow would have blown off; real rain would have washed off. Slush ….

Today I got here in under 40 minutes – major tailwind, and the forecast is for the winds to pick up… enough for a “special weather statement.” If it’s too gusty the ride back will be via mass transit 😉

Last week I was going to do club rides but the weather was dubious…. Saturday *my* ride happened b/c the rain held off. Have I mentioned the weather likes me? (Shhh… ignore Tuesday. Besides, I have the gear. It honestly was pleasant.) and since the other 2 folks were year-rounders, we did 25 miles … so I got a workout on The Tank.

I will prob’ly sweep by Itty Bitty Bike Shop and inquire about a few things including confirming that yes, I’d be interested in building up a bike 🙂 Hard to explain to housemate that its purpose would be … to be another steed in the stable. Housemate hadn’t really known the Gazelle, though, or its story 😉

[The story: while eating with bike folks, Richard M. motioned me outside to the street where was parked a Gazelle. He showed it to me, explained it was Dutch and designed for commuting… showed me all those amazing features like built in lock, skirt/coat guard, lights, internal everything so it didn’t rust…. I went home and searched the web madly but nobody imported them back in that day and gee, I could go to the Netherlands and spend about 800 for one… oh, well…
…. some November or other I’m riding by Champaign Cycyle and I am possessed by the desire to drop in and chat, so I decide I’ll go in and buy a tube. I walk in the door and Fritz says “Sue, Have you ever heard of a Gazelle?”
My jaw drops and I inform him that I have heard of one, I have seen one, I have lusted after one.

A voice behind me says “for $450 it’s yours.”

Grad student from Holland, graduating, going home … he’d asked Fritz if the price was too high and Fritz had answered, “you just need to find the right person.”

Spent many years with the delightful machine having folks with accents approach me to admire it and ask where I got it….]

And now to get back to things of work…

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