April Snow Showers ;)

The outside pics didn’t show the snow, but those soggy clumps on the mirrow and the jacket almost do ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s in the 30’s so it wasn’t that cold so it *was* an enjoyable ride. The mask is b/c I’m inside the college; it’s tucked down for the most part outside, unless I’m going through that stretch of campus where I bring it up in solidarity with everybody wearing them as they walk along. Our county’s positivity’s a bit better than most of the state’s… and we topped 30% fully vaccinated…

Today I get to work 11:30 — yes, I could have gotten on the Green just outside my door and sat back and enjoyed the ride all the way to work. I may do that for the ride home and going in tomorrow. I pulled in and several folks were under the awning — it’s the sneak-a-smoke place. They were talking about somewhere or other… about how they went there recently and it was fine, but they wouldn’t go there at night and this street, that street, you know… where so and so got killed…

It reminded me again of the realities of so many people’s lives. A verdict is supposed to be delivered in a few minutes.

My red bike is still in the Itty Bitty Bike Shop, waiting on parts ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think I”ll formally let them know that yes, I’d be interested in a custom build around oh, a frame w/ similar geometry but not a long frame (necessarily ;))… going to keep trying to get extra miles in despite … flakiness!

And speaking of prayers (extra miles get that), so I cruised towards University and Wright trying to get to church in time to practice stuff and it counted down to zero and … *waited an extra five seconds* for me to get there to go green so I could get across. When I came out, it didn’t have that extra five seconds. Yea, I know, prob’ly just a different part of its algorithm but I’ll take it!

One response to “April Snow Showers ;)

  1. It was a nice ride home. With all the screaming news … it lent itself to pedaling. Oh, universe. Please. Quelch the evil ones.

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