Geese of way

What with nobody being awake in the house and a stiff tailwind, I was very on time this morning… sailing up Country Fair, a goose decided to do a very. stately. stroll. across the road. No, it didn’t appear to be injured … and it was alone (relatively; there are geese *everywhere.* Pretty sure Branta canadensis Canada Goose tho’ I thought I remembered a close lookalike invasive species, but Dr. Google informed me there is a lookalike “Cackling Goose” that only got its own species ranking in 2004, and my wildlife courses were in the 80’s, so it’s some other bird with white on the front that fools people. (Once I went into education, I realized I’d picked A Major That Did Not Match My Learning Strengths. Organizing and remembering visual information …. is a challenge…)

A bicycle’s an easy maneuver ’round — but to my delight, the oncoming Jeep who really would have had *plenty* of time to get by just stopped about 30 feet back to watch the critter get where it was going and give me a thumbs up. (My ears get compliments these days — the fuzzy purple bunny ones on the helmet…)

Another Midwestern Morning šŸ˜‰ Storms on the horizon…. the Illinois tour is going to be all motel/hotel (I forget which since I’ve always camped) and I forked over the dough for that, thinking COVID or no COVID, climate change has meant weather hazards are just more real, too.

Getting new siding šŸ˜‰ Looked at samples yesterday, had mad coughing fit and put ’em back outside… think it’s probly a good thing I never put siding on for a living šŸ˜‰

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