3 lap lunch :)

Okay, it’s going to be weird and windy tomorrow but *today* I did full 3 laps at lunch. Might even log the miles šŸ˜‰ Planning to start Actual Club Rides April 17; I’ve had my shots and I think there’s a mask breathable enough to work for the Satuday Saunter. And…. hopefully…. vaccines will be working and numbers will be dropping instead of people.

I successfully lubricated the rear brake cable … and got some of the grunge out of places… but *both* bikes have almost identical ‘just a little rub each revolution” in the rear.

And it’s “equinox season” which means when it’s sunny (tho’ it hasn’t been), here On THe Grid, going into the sun is going *directly* into the sun.
But it’s Tuesday “weird and windy” — but theweather likes me so I had a strong tail wind all the way in, no rain yet. I don’t leave ’til 8:30 ish onTuesdays so hopefully it will have subsided (and the forecast has calmed — rain, not thunder) or I’ll be on the Green…

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