Midwestern commute ;)

Monday the foreast was weird so I dressed for the weather — rain and wind — and decided to get on the bus. Hit MTD.org and what??? 5 minutes??? I’d expected 10. Gathered up stuff and went out… dashed back in to make sure I had a mask rather than grope through the pockets… head out and it’s up the street and … pausing at the stop before ours for a spell…. picks us up and … loiters for a few extra seconds…
…. usually if I’m taking the bus the weather is bad enough for it to run late but I was riding the forecast and the bus was on time. There were few riders … Lincoln Square, oh, wait an extra minute or two… Illini Union… d on’t pull up to the light, wait for it to go green and then go forward… pause here and there… and we were still amongst the early arrivers for the 7:40 13-bus Mass Departure. The antithesis of “get on the bus!! Move to the back!!! Hurry hurry!”
Today had the pleasure of coasting to an intersection palm down and, yes, the bus driver heeding and doing the left in front of me so neither had to stop. Tomorrow’s wind advisory means probably a bus day. (Oh, the ride home was pretty nasty — hardly any passengers but the one got on, went and asked the usual Green vs. Greenhopper question about how far it went… no mask, driver didn’t say anything, but the passenger nearest did and moved towards front of bus and got off at Illini Union, methinks to transfer from there. The driver was sporting mask below nose. Not typical transit experience here so I let them know … kinda hope the other passenger did, too. The morning experience was typical — people get on, don’t talk, I swear don’t even breathe much…

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