So my lingering side effects from getting jabbed are lymph nodes being a bit swollen and oh, every 2 – 13 hearbeats I’d get annoying pain. This morning it had moved to my ear. I also had this feeling that … this was a familiar thing… and I should know how to Make It Go Away. It had been coming and going since Friday night…
… So I rode in this morning (I worked from home Thurs and Fri) and the temperature was in the 40’s — where certain things just … happen. Yes, there are places on my route where snot rockets can be fired off with impunity.
I’m all better now. Seems that left enough room for those slightly swollen glands to not be putting pressure on things.
Bicycling is so very healthy!!! (I also know now to just go blow my nose if it flares up again… )

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