Yesterday was I-Hotel Vac day. I was on the 9:50 list, headed out there with oh, 3 minutes to spare but that was wise b/c you waited outside ’til 9:50. The line was nicely spread out but habits took over when they opened the door and people consolidated so people could get in before the door closed… I modeled doin’ that with space as did the couple of folks behind me 😉 Being Creative In friendly Concert-Queue-LikeSituations is part of who I am 😉

Proceeded on through, having filled out another form since the first was in the backpack I left on the ground at work the night before, forgetting to put it on the bike…. sat down and the nurse says “are you here to help me with my math? ” 🙂 Yes, she’s a Parkland grad and yes, she did a great jab job. “Arm will be sore, but the more you use it the better.”

Rode in to Parkland, sleet starting 2 miles out — the weather likes me, and it turned to rain anyway. I bugged out 5:00 sharp promising a student to be safe, and that I had in the past stopped at the bike shop and prevailed upon them to take custody of my bicycle so I could hop the bus for the rest of the trip. Not necessary 🙂 30mph tailwind and 35 degrees but it was snow cascading. Snow stifles drainage so there were some deep, sloppy puddles to plow through but all wet, all right. Stopped for beer as darkness deepened… and getting across Main was a slime slip… the transition is happening… we’ll just walk across 😉

Neighborhood roads (asphalt) hadn’t made that transition (not as shady), but I know my driveway will have and dang it, that driver knows where I live and is hangin’ back ’til I turn into my driveway so I can’t dismount in the middle of the road… I attack andget to the top and do full Old Lady Dismount and lay the bike down — easy ’cause it just slid out, as I would have — and stepped over it. Yes, the backpack was in it 🙂

Figured I’d be on the bus this morning but when I heard 22 degrees I layered up. That sheen had evaporated/sublimated overnight so while anything that had been snow was ice, so driveways were impossible, the roads were fine. I reveled in getting **oxygen** into those cells. Yes, the chain is crunchy, salty. Had a wave at Geoff no doubt riding to the Itty Bitty Bike Shop on the way in. Happily timed the last light b/c the “breeziness” picks up out there and 20 mile headwinds with a crunchy chain is work 😉 In a few weeks I’ll swing it by Itty Bitty…

“Vaccine sore arm” is unique. I completely flashed back to childhood and feeling like A Good Girl because It Was Sore. State numbers still going in the right direction but Champaign County blipped up and we’ve got “the U.K. variant,” so … time for caffeine and the work routine 🙂

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