Happy little familiar delays

Two days on the bus — if I were really pushing for miles I could have ridden in Monday, bussed home and back and biked home last night but that’s an example of 20/21 hindsight. Another half hour of precip and it would have still been treacherous.

Back on the bike this morning 🙂 27 degrees… First 10 second delay — oops, hadn’t *strapped* the helmet over the hood and buff. Then down to turn left onto Washington, sort of speeding up in case I could just cruise — so the Jeep driver coming from the right slowed further in case I did 😉 and proceeded at an *entirely* appropriate, abnormally stately speed (prob’ly under 30 mph). Driver behind them was turning left on my little road and paused and waited for me to go … oh, slow a bit, is that nasty shards of glass? …. oh, under *every* tree, as in, it’s shattered frozen rain accumulations from those branches. It’s really pretty once I know it’s going to melt.

Didn’t see the SHCOE(?) bicycle and I wasn’t running *that* late so she might still be on bus or alternative; I did see & greet the other European couple on Bianchi and Cannondale who go to Randolph in downtown Champaign. (I’ve chatted with them and heard accents; the SHCOE rider just looks European and… what’s a SHCOE??? Still no clue…) They passed me but I caught up at every intersection 😉 and we all cleared the Terminal before the 13-bus mass departure at 7:40… then to Randolph and University stoplight where I recognized the white sedan second in queue, so I slowed through the intersection ’cause he turns into first driveway at the bank for another familiar dance.

The Orange bus went by so I was behind it 2 miles before it passes me if I’m Really On Time, but just happy cruising the rest of the way — tho’ I confess I was especially careful because it had Been So Boring. Lots and lots of pretty ice shards, the whole way. Got to wave at the 9B bus that I rode past two mornings as it pulled out of the college (if I’m Really On Time it passes me on the last stretch on Bradley going in). I hope/wish things would get better faster so that the folks who used to ride it out to work … were working again. On the other hand, I don’t want to be on a bus with people all close. They’re *not* all well masked; yesterday a.m. one was having a defensive phone call, mask down, for several minutes before getting of f the bus… and 90% compliance might work, or it might not…

Numbers weren’t *as good* yesterday — positivity up in teh 5 percent and it had tucked down under 4 for the first time in forever MOnday with *fewer than 3000 cases* (but I recall when we were “at a plateau” with 2000 and then BOING!!! up to 9000 K on one day…. please, exponents, let’s stay on the flat part…. ).

So good to be *riding* 🙂

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