Good clothing

Last night’s commute was in a light drizzle, prob’ly about 40 degrees… and I added a little extra at the end because it was so pleasant on the quiet streets… not too much traffic… I declare “PERTEX” to do as well as that other product for ‘breatheable winter wear.” I just had sweats over pants over base layer on the bottom — while the sweats were pretty wet, it wasn’t raining *hard* enough to penetrate … my sneakers let my socks get a little damp, too, but w/ the coat the core was warm enough (and 40 degrees isn’t cold if you’re not wet).

So this morning… I know, “you can’t plow a forecast, honey,” but the forecast is for sudden, intense snow squalls whenever, wherever. Yes, the weather likes me so prob’ly I’d have been fine but I don’t like to test that relationship so … I went out to bus stop, realized I had no gloves and that Would Not Look Right so I ducked back in, grabbed them, and confirmed that yes, I can make the bus even if I am not out the door ’til it’s on the street. It really is all of 20 steps away if they’re big steps and I cut across everything 😉

I realized running meant I had to breathe harder in a bus than I liked but not for long, I’m in reasonable shape 😉 4-5 people on the bus at a time…. transferred and there were 3 on the Brown. Realized I should have waited around outside rather than getting on and sitting in there ’til the Mass Departure at 7:40. The crew of folks that goes out to work on it… my guess is they’re still not working 😦 Maybe if we get to “Tier 2” but …. oy, it’s risky. Prob’ly not ’til they/ we can all get vaccinated.

Noted that person w/ question about route asked from outside then when confirmed this was the right bus walked on back to the back door to get in, and that people did *not* sit in any of the front section of seats. You’d think they wanted the bus drivers to stay healthy or something 😉 I am wondering how sustainable the system is — nobody has to pay to ride. One person getting on Green near campus showed their ID — bus fare is built into the University fees. Dudes, if that’s enough to keep the system going it would be awesome; it would be cool to have a system tho’ so folks like me could support them with our annual pass ($84 – for the year, people) … okay, I want the plastic one b/c I’ve seen students panicking as their batteries were failing and the phone was their bus pass (’til they figured out our library has chargers)… but there is an app 😉

And I also want to find some nerds to test putting little learning stations on the buses 😉 Imagine a town where ***everybody*** knew their times tables and this and that.

And now… to work 😉

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