‘nother nice one

Approaching the Big Construction Job I heard the truck beeping and did the ridearound and …. it was a tanker backing up to make a 3 point turnaround in a big driveway… and they waited in the driveway ’til I crossed north of them. (When I say “I felt seen” it’s more literal than most folks mean it these days ;)) SCHOE hadn’t crossed my path yet and we had smiles today. Tailwind helped me get to waveat the 9B which passed me on its way to the terminal, and then on the last little stretch of Broadway. Alas, I didn’t get here in time to not get busted for leaving the door unlocked but more importantly, my keys are now back in my hands. (The same admin assistant to whom I’d confessed leaving things unlocked saw them on her desk…)
Yes. I did go ahead and get the heart rate up a little, breathe deeply, YES another day HEALTHY. Hoping hoping hoping this continues and relishing every day. Just under 7000 cases inthe state yesterday … 7.3 % positivity or something like that… but ** ten ** people from the county admitted to hospital w/ COVID yesterday, as in doubling the 10 who were already there. I wish people gossipped more and we could know whether they were sprinkled throughout or that the Bloovits had a big party last week and….

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