Hairy, not hoary today

So the lady on the SHCOE (that’s what it looks like as it cruises by me; resembles Schwinn cruisers of the 70’s but is prob’ly European) didn’t look happy today as she went by on Matthews where we have to duck around the construction (yes, the U. claims “bike friendly” status with bike routes that are actually not ever going to be usable within the status timeframe because of major construction but they won’t give a “Ruby” status for lip service)… and maybe that’s because she’d also had to dodge around the total blockage for the second part of that workaround. The first guys have been good with leaving the sidewalk open but this was just Your Morning Slam Door In Your Face.

That big truck in the middle pic? As I put my camera away, the person therein felt compelled to open the door and take my picture. I gave a friendly wave and smile and went on my way, leaping to the Pollyanna conclusion that s/he (looked like a woman) might have seen SHCOE go by, then me, and thought fit to record the issue, too… or just thought I should know she was recording my impertinence…. or I looked pathetic…

At any rate, I still managed to get past the terminal just as the guy was coming out to get the Big Mass Departure rolling . And it’s still good to be riding ;P

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