Happy Hoary New Year!

First day back on campus so I rode indespite dense fog warning and ice and snow and 21 degrees. Spoiler alert: it went fine. The snow was from early Jan. 3 (yesterday), the ice from Jan. 1 — so the snow has stuck to *everything* and it’s beautiful. I decided that since it wasn’t too foggy in Urbana I’d take a chance…and the puddle at the end of my driveway suggested roads had been treated, or I was effecting some minor miracle. I’d managed to do enough extra prancing and dancing before leaving so I didn’t have the “five minutes of cold hands” (21 degrees doesn’t require much)…

… White street, midtown, the pavement was sort of whitish — and itgot misty. At 21 degrees I duly noted it would be “freezing mist” so I rather fervently hoped it wouldn’t get any thicker and considered parking the bike at the terminal… but it wasn’t happening there so I pressed on. IT was “sticks to the grass, melts on pavement” snow even out in West Champaign, and happily, approaching Mattis I could see the traffic light on Country Fair, another quarter mile away, so … there was at least quarter mile visibility 😉 The fog may have “locked down” another mile out where there’d be all-warm-snow-stuck-to-grass to provide the moisture and I did have my blinkies going. Country Fair was just nice … I suspect they cleared it including the bike lane because (okay, not quite perfect nice) there was a little pile of snow in a spot that took slowingdown to ease out into traffic…

Yes, I had to take the road on busy Bradley — the sidewalk goes over a creek in a spot and that was snow (and ice underneath) covered. Big ol’ truck nicely went ’round and turned into Parkland campus. There, the “mist” had accumulated on the back parking lot — and That Big Truck had left enough room for me to get ’round to it from the access alley… but it was hoary and crunchy mist, not the stuff of freezing rain so I left satisfying tracks, parked the bike, donned the mask, and went to my desk where there’s NOBODY HERE (except the student worker) but there was coffee across the way and office doors open so … things are slowly waking up!

2 responses to “Happy Hoary New Year!

  1. Richard Masoner

    Ah, snow.

    So… you have to go into work?

    • I decided to last semester. It’s walk-in tutoring in a *big* lab (you’ve been there ;), and I’ve had as many as 4 folks at a time. It’s gobs bigger and safer than if they had to go to places like grocery store for Internet — technically they can also park inthe parking lot ’cause they aimed some routers out there,but…. and the busses are free so people can get here (and since K-12 is still remote and U isnot back yet, that’s not crazy. (Also Champaign County — at least until yesterday, when 10 people landed in hospital, doubling the number! — has been reasonably good compared to the rest of the country, tho’ not the rest of the world.

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