46 degrees :)

Lunch laps — yes, good for two. I’m supposed to give a “lightning talk” Tuesday a.m. so I’m giving it to the fields… and I relatively powered in this a.m. so the thighs feel it. Methinks it’s “Must prove I am healthy!” and “if I’m in better shape the virus won’t get me,” though that’s not supported by reality…. it was approaching freezing but the RR tracks and where sidewalk goes over creek were very crunchfrosted. I left a path πŸ™‚ Here at work, Just a couple students and 2 zoomers.

… those Campus Communication Group truck drivers continue to be just that inkling nicer than they have to be. That little hesitation of headlights behind me says “oh, it’s one of them about to pass” πŸ˜‰ The trucks are big but the bike lane is wide…

I’m failing utterly at figuring out the brand of bicycle of my morning pathcrosser. It looks like SCHOE — and the one time I got close to her, she looked definitely European — but I’m not sure and “smart”searches insist on finding me shoes. If I knew the country I could change languages…

Now to do that focusing thing. I have several Pots on the Fire…. that I need to figure out “how to plate”

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