Water beaded very nicely on my new coat. I think it is a valid Gore-Tex competitor. I overslept but a big old plastic bag found its way to me (I’ve finally gotten into better storage habits — there’s a “camping stuff closet”), so not too much delay.

Yesterday was interesting in that car windows on the street were heavily laden with dew. On Church in Champaign a car went by that had clearly been heavily crusted with ice. Another mile west and cars in the shade had a light curst, and out on Bradley the “shadowfrost” phenom was in all its beauty in the grass where there are some trees. Where the sun hit, there was no frost, but white glistening in the outline of the trees’ shapes beneath them.

I took that as a reminder for this morning b/c our forecast was for precip “mix” but it was a full 40 degrees so I was dodging earthworms, not ice patches. I need to inquire about re-upping the bus pass, tho’ they’re still not making anybody pay.

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