Almost Holidays

… and cases were down today, but I don’t see how that’s going to last. I know too many people sincerely believing they’re “being safe” and they’re not, and we’re still getting enough more cases to make spreading faster happen too.

Ran late enough to be after the mass bus departure (which is better than during — 13 of them leave at 7:41 ish) so I saw my person all the way in Urbana. I still haven’t been able to make out the kind of bicycle she’s on… it’s sort of 1960’s Schwinn style and may be that old but it says something else. Something with an S and OE and a C in there somewhere/?

Vanity plate of the week passing me on Country Fair: BED BY 10 . Hmmm.

“Bike friendly” moments — the Pink (yes, prob’ly Sunshine driving it) behind me, turning left on Bradley, and knowing I was cutting wide so the bus could just turn… and the 3 cars all taking the left lane at the Prospect light so I could just roll up by them and cruise through as it turned green.

Last Friday I had a first! A car approached w/o lights on and I successfully covered mine w/ hand to “blink” and they turned their lights on. This is first time I’ve done it with the generator light on the Red Bike; on the Tank it’s down lower so I can’t blink as well. It even happened again, tho’ that was w/ car pulling out so more likely to be correlation w/o causation.

Such excitement πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

2 responses to “Almost Holidays

  1. Years ago, I spent weeks trying to get a photo of a fellow rider.. He would cross an intersection ahead of me. I would turn onto a street and see him two blocks away turning off that street. When I finally got a photo of him, it was a let down, because the chase had ended.

    • Fun!!! I’m Westbound, she’s Eastbound so … we pretty much (what’s the word for it?) see each other every day, at varying points depending on who’s early and who’s late. Yesterday was at the 1.3 mile point, today I was earlier so it took ’til 2.0 and we were quite close but the wrong angle to see the nameplate.

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