Sunshine :)

Last Thursday *all* the Campus Communication Groups (installing, digging stuff for communication) trucks passed me on Country Fair. There’s a good bike lane and they tend to go a bit further out…. I shall post that happy regularity again to social media…

I sat in a yard w/ a couple of folks and drank beer, and returned to be informed that a bus driver, Sunshine, had brought my purse to the house. Apparently it had bounced out of the bike on Country Fair.

A few Saturdays ago I’d ridden out to the bike shop b/c the Stupid Wheel Wasn’t Being Round — the one they’d rebuilt around a new hub — and on the way the front wheel informed me that, in fact, this sounded a whole lot like I just hadn’t seated the tire… so I bought a lock instead. Said lock and cable would be why said purse was riding higher in the bag where I wouldn’t hear it bounce out with all the big trucks going by.

Yesterday when I waited for the light to change so I could go left onto University (where it’s been giving left signal for a couple of weeks without me having to hit the sweet spot!) I hear somebody ask me if I got everything from my billfold — the Pink Bus is on my right, and Sunshine is inquiring 🙂 Nice to be able to thank her in person 😉

My new coat is really nice and warm (and not too warm, and big enough to toss a coat under it) but … long enough to grab the back of my seat 😦 I have to figure that out.

Sigh, I also re-wound my interaction with dude on First Street coming back from COVID test — the one who accosted me when I took the left lane to make a left turn and said that if I was going to inconvenience people he’d teach me a lesson, went around to my side, said I was cool, and “Do you know what’s behind you?”

I realize it probably had nothing to do with the bus back there and everything to do with that’s the thing you say so somebody turns around and you can assault them to varying degrees, and me saying “Yup!” and pushing forward because I have a good mirror (and, also, I suspect, too many years with siblings to just turn around when somebody says “look behind you!” ) kept that from being a more exciting afternoon…

I need to figure out how to make the mask work w/ the helmet and coat, since the stupid virus is exploding and it’s a visible reminder … the hood’s supposed to be set up to work w/ helmet but I don’t know over or under; I need under for the padding and warm ears and because the witch’s hat would interfere … but hey, I can swap out for the reindeer horns now… time for some strings of Christmas lights too…

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