Sunny morning smiles

Since that student with the “you must have survey results in your English paper” surveyed a dozen folks about how much they smiled each day and most were “1” or “2,” I’ve been noticing….
I’ve just crossed Lincoln (UGH it’s only been about 3 years since the improvements were going to happen; 4 busy lanes…) and rolling between apartments and there’s a dude jogging towards the road; I slow a bit but there’s also a car coming the otherway, and he just stops so the dude can keep goin’ cross the street. Driver gives me a “thumbs up” as we pass. Worth a good smile 😉 I’d like to think it wasn’t for my “marvelous” bicycle (last week’s cyclist comment), but rather … hmmm… we need a “Wakanda forever” gesture for: “YES. Vulnerable Users First Forever!!!”
I find myself smiling when GAV VAN license plate goes by, and of course if the folks are out at the bus stop at Church and State. The drivers who just STFD and ease around me… if I see the Pink on Country Fair which tells me I am ON TIME…. when the Campus Communication Group monster trucks with trailers (think they’re digging in and doing underground broadband somewhere) pass me nicely….

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