Ebullience :)

The first Really Pretty Cold day, I didn’t see the cyclist who’d never had anything on her head or hands…. then I saw her when it got a little warmer, and then there was another missed day. I wondered if, like me, she just didn’t have as much energy in the day when the biking didn’t happen, and if…

Yesterday she was decked out in bright blue coat and gloves and it was every bit as cold and damp; today I even got a wave… I was late so I wonder if she was wondering….

The “Vision Zero” resolution passed city council Monday night. Two folks killed this year, several other unhappy incidences… here’s hoping the resolution will carry some weight.

One of my students had a required survey thing and he asked people how many times they smiled in a day. Most were 1 or 2, some 3 or 4, and a couple smiled more often. Good grief, if I don’t smile 10 times on my commute it’s because one smile lasted for most of it…

One response to “Ebullience :)

  1. One smile is enough when the last for hours.

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