Interesting trips ;)

Today it was traffic light tripping. Main and Race I’m sitting there, car behind me … I missed hte sweet spot. It’s not changing. After a few years, I motioned the car behind me to move forward. It took twice but they did and then we got that perpendicular yellow 🙂

Then White and Fourth, which has a much harder “sweet spot” to find, but the BUS in front of me should have done it! Waited… waited… but there was a group of walkers crossing the street and I implored them to hit the walk button and one did 🙂 Victory!

Other lights and traffic were such that I left 3 minutes earlier and arrived about 4 minutes later this morning, even though yesterday was rainy.

Oh, and they still leave the walk/bike route free of construciton equipment 🙂 All semester!!! (It’s not a great route, but … it’s even notter greater when there are vehicles obstructing. They keep them *all the way off* the wide sidewalk.)

It’s also fall 🙂 47 degrees this morning.. .sweater and jacket… Yay endorphins!

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