Bike culture

This one is from last week. Update: I *have* seen a bit of a smile from the person on the green bicycle. 😉

… is when you say “comin’ round” as you’re weaving around the buildings around the construction on the sidwalk, and the two gentlemen part to let you through, and you see the car behind the huge construction truck and so you know to stop and look around… but the driver saw *you* and is also slowing ‘way down in case you didn’t see her, and you smile at each other as she proceeds.

Yes, three weeks ago I had somebody holler to get off the road but that happens a lot less often than this 😉

Now I want to see if I can project enough ebullience to get a happy face from the persno on the green bike that rides at least from Randolph to Urbana ’cause our “where do we ride by” range is at least 2 miles long.

Hoping to figure out how to get a light that I have working on the rebuilt front wheel w/ the dynohub…

Oh, and two more things, she said, seeing she hadn’t posted this yet — yesterday once again I did a “safe roll” through a four-way right smack dab in front of a police car positioned as if to enforce stopping. Earlier this week I did a full “roundabout” where I timed my arrival at the 3-way stop where I turn left to be after that car, and before the bus which has an actual bus stop there, too… so it wasn’t even an “almost stop.” The car right behind me was… police 😉 (Yes, I wonder if I’d get different reaction were I a different profile. And yes, I did get called out on accelerating through a four-way when I had a humongoid truck and trailer coming up behind me and I impulsively decided to just SPRINT across to beat the car off to the right which was… police with megaphone: “you need to stop!” but no further actions…. )

(but no shared ebullience this a.m. either, though our cross point was where sidewalks are blocked and we have to ride over grass…)

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