Just Riding Along ;)

And no, nothing’s happened, yay!

People love my “hat,” or my helmet — I think it’s interesting that it gets called a hat almost all the time.

Joe Blow died Saturday — air came out the wrong end. Champaign Cycle had some Planet Bike pumps so I acquired one … and yea, a set of the expensive daytime head and tail lights and some Tri-Flo (I had to resort to the rancid vegetable oil last week to stop the chain from crunching). The lights are mainly for when I’m riding the ‘fast bike’ — daytime visibility on the longbikes sort of takes care of itself with massiveness. They can’t *get* entry level bikes so … that’s not so nice “for the economy, stupid.” March, maybe?

It’s been oh, going on 3 years since Main Street was going to have major improvements, this summer honestly! … but the fine City of Urbana has … well, pretty much decided car culture is more important under the strangling budget constraints.

While I see all kinds of folks wearing masks even just out walking around with pletny of space, apparently they’ve netted 1000 cases already, and they’d hoped for 700 for the whole semester… so there’s a two week semi-lockdown for campus and then… maybe have to go back home or something.

THe health folks say the cases are campus, campus, campus from parties, parties, parties: I really, really hope so. I really hope the masks work. I really wish we had testing at Parkland … I really wish we had better leadership at Parkland but that’s another story (a really lousy one).

But I also really, really like riding my bike as autumn approaches. YEsterday I was riding ‘cross parking lot and thought “I should go back ‘way round, no, maybe not” and the air informed me: “GO THE BACK WAY.” 30 seconds later a car going other way stops… she’s desperately seeking the H wing. I get her to public safety and hopefully to the H wing.

Okay, granted, she *might* have passed me if I’d just gone the short way 😉 but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t much later that my brain reviewed a little conference proposal I’d submitted Monday that had had its due time extended to today and … informed me that I’d attributed a quote to the wrong keynote speaker in it. I wasn’t *really* thinking about it — that’s what you can do on a bicycle going the back way 😉 Checked it, fixed it.

I know if I were reviewing proposals — and that’s my next task 🙂 — that … that kind of mistake would be a slap. Spell educashun wrong but … don’t be all sloppy about who said what!

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