Trike it!


Last week my pastor said Mass from Ivesdale, 25 miles away, and they did drive-by Communion.  It was too late to consider getting down there on the bicycle. I discovered too late from folks posting on Facebook that some local churches did it, tho’ not mine.

This week the bulletin announced that we would have it from 11:00 to 11:45, with directions :  communion

Oh.   They got a reply from me about having no words for being specifically excluded.

Then I realized I have a tricycle.   I rode over … partly preparing for confrontation and hvaing ye olde cell phone handy to record but … also thinking it wouldn’t happen that way.

. I started out  and rode by a house that said, “Thank you for wearing a mask!” and oops!!! so I rode back and got mine, stuffed it in my waist bag. I haven’t got the cargo bag on the back yet…
… so I cruised through town, waved at the cyclists along the way — EVERYBODY is riding (hope they do okay, it’s the first HOT day)… feeling a tad incognito because half the town knows me on the regular bicycles.
I considered going to where the beginning of the line was supposed to be, but that would mean crossing without a traffic light, so I went the way I usually would. I didn’t see a line of cars, so I thought “okay, not so manyh people!” but saw traffic directors. I got a smile… and I said “I’m here for Communion.” and got a bigger smile and was waved forward.
I went by one more traffic director waving forward, and past the collection basket (I have been riding out to church and … I know the little door with the side porch and the basket on the table where a person can drop a little envelope) … and nobody looked at me funny. (For cryin’ out loud, I was in line for Communion. Ya just look reverent…) and then “oh yea, put on your mask!” so between people I did that.
I pull up and Father Fredi asks how I’m doing… (I assume he recognized me — I’m in the small choir, and when he throws out questions to the congregation I answer tho’ in a Catholic voice, not southern 😉 ) … and he’s like “pull down your mask” and I did, but  I’m like “here is my hand.” Yes, it’s been on the handlebar grips but … they’re not groty and no, you do *not* need to be near my mouth. Ain’t happening.
Communion happens 😉 …

I ask, “would you have done this if I were on a bicycle?”
“The directions say no.” I ride forward on the bricks, loppity lop… turn right on Sixth and see the “line proper” and that they’d planned out and the “line of cars” was in the parking lot being let out one at a time, so technically I’d “cut in line” when I was waved in. I waved at the traffic directors and headed back.

I’m prob’ly going to sell Kermit — she’s fun but I think she’d rather be ridden more.  And I don’t need her to get Communion 😛


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