May the sixth


I’m playing with ways to get mileage in without getting further than walking distance.  Hmmm… maybe that’s also a reason why I’ve been jogging in the mornings — when I have had to do a flatwalkback … I *wanted* to jog.  (Not having running gear makes it less comfortable, though.)   I had been staying East of Vine, sort of … but realized tonight that my “stretch loop” near campus is also nice and I could have done a tad more.  There was really hardly any repetition 😉

I want to be able to work it a bit; the longer back and forths are good for that, but stop and go kinda works, too, especially when I actually try to do it efficiently.  So!   5.7 miles at lunch, 11.8 on the “commute home,” and who knows?   I might make tomorrow a ride instead of jog morning…


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