zeke’s muscle magic

It’s “Bike month!” I’m using the “Love to Ride” site as inspiration aiming at 500 miles. It’s a challenge because I’m working from home and while I had been riding the bike for my commute… I started jogging instead in the morning, I’m not sure why. I just go up and down the streets until I’ve run 20 minutes or so.
The other morning I noticed oh, I’ve got muscles in places 😉

We read a story as kids about a boy who goes to Zeke who’s lounging under a tree and asks him if he can give him muscles and Zeke says to let him think about it and while he’s thinking, go saw those logs…. this kind of thing happens every morning and end of some time the kid says “when are you going to tell me your magic trick forf getting muscles?” and Zeke says “you’ve been doing stuff all week, don’t you have ’em?” and of course he does.
IMHO we need more of these kinds of stories 😉  There seems to be a shortage of delayed gratification these days.

No club rides … and the weather is *not* “let’s go outside!” weather, thankfully. Less work because they’re still cleaning everything from the “incident” last week so no access to the important student data, which is needed for the stuff that took up half my days.  Classes “end” Thursday, Finals week starts Friday… I don’t know when summer classes start.
We had a big uptick for 4-5 days of double digit COVID cases here… the meat processing plant in Rantoul has 34 now.    I think the stores are not going to wait for bare shelves to limit hoarding but… we’ll see.   Wondering if squirrels and rabbits will be fair game before long…

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