It’s still here…


Working from home now, and … not riding much.   I was jogging before work, riding at lunch, riding after… but pulling a muscle and cold snowy/rainy weather have made it more like 4 miles on a given day.

A few weeks ago I was cruising to friend’s house for a distance hand-off of something and  was on the left part of residential street to turn left where I have right of  way… a family of 5 was proceeding across the street in front of me and a driver in a swanky white sedan stopped… and then started going forward.  I could see her not seeing me — eyes on the kids on the bikes, hand on … her phone… so I paused and did a little schoolteacher tsk tsk point and she saw me and … gasped, “I’m so sorry!!”  … I went onward, did the dropoff, went back out to bike and … she had turned around and was stopped in street in front of the house.
She was so glad I’d come back out because she really, really wanted to apologize, we’re *neighbors,*  … we chatted a bit.  She was watching the kids and … it’s so crazy right now, she was talking to her mother… she shouldn’t have… hey, we have to watch out for each other.

I’ve seen the car since then and I pass their house on my commute for one of m y common paths.   So … that’s where she’s seen me.   Mental note to self as “another house I could go to if need be…”  and pondering of how being on a utility bike turns one into a “neighbor”  that people care about and of course… whether that would be so true if I were oh, a differnet demographic or even if I were riding a road bike…

But today’s Saturday 😉   and … I have been doing bagel runs (swabbing credit card and hands down w/ alcohol.. .wearing a mask… )   Yesterday I rode out to church and yes!   They still have the Eucharist in the Romero Center, and a man was kneeling in prayer in front of the door.   I paused in the parking lot… and that’s a nice roughly 5 mile loop.   The ‘circle ’round 5 friends’ 2-petal daisy … well, I’ve been doing one of the loops this week and the pulled muscle and aching back are subsiding **and** it’s going to get warm.   So!   Monday will be New Year’s Day and a fresh start! (And I hope to sneak out for a solid hour or so today… but there may be a once a year kind of trip out to Farm adn Fleet… but this stupid virus is not a game so if it’s crowded we turn around…)

For the past week or so we’ve had between 0 and 2 new cases a day here… state bringing in total of average about 1200/day, w/ 125 deaths in one day.   I watch the governor’s updates unless I’m working w/ students and … I’m grateful that they keep reminding us these are people, not numbers.

… and I’m gonna get off this chair and go out!!!(huge tactical error when I tried to work from a card table… I’d always thought my posture was either so good or so bad that I didn’t need to worry about ergonomics.   NOT.   Better now… but I long for when I was up and around so much more often workign w/ students.  )

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  1. The obituaries in the Boston Globe today is 15 pages.

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