It’s here…


First confirmed local case yesterday at Carle in Urbana, and since it was somebody who was in contact with somebody who’d been to Italy (and not too many details in the news) yes we’re to assume that there are lots more unconfirmed; that basically everybody is positive.

I am at work — it’s spring break and we have “limited services” so I’ll be here from 10 to 2 and I seriously don’t expect somebody to think their math questions are important enough to be out here.   I do wish I’d sent my card home with everybody when I was telling them they could send me questions via email.   (It’s also spring break and that will be extended a full week and … it’s not normal.    I’d either not be worrying about school crap at all… or my inner Hermione would surge and I’d be Getting So Far Ahead It Is Silly.)

The ride in?   Not much traffic, but … it’s spring break.   Construction happening madly.  Oh, and there was a “road closed” on Washington (I went a slightly different route because I voted first), and it seemed so local that I wondered if it were… where the confirmed case lives.

An hour later than *ever*, a guy I often see at a bus stop was at that bus stop, stuck his thumb out as always, and I said, “social distance, dude!”  which got a laugh, “yea, six feet…”

Now the 3 folks sharing a cigarette out in front of Eden Living (assisted living apartments for folks w/ disabilities) were jovial, too… and that made it seem like a higher percentage of people out and about were smoking; could have just been me looking for it, or could be that … people in denial of what’s healthy persist in that.

Saturday 3 of us had a delightful ride out to St. Joe to dine at the Wheelhouse, getting back in time to find the governor is having everybody close down tonight.   I surmised it was related to St. Pat’s and yes, it was actually a response to the stupidity of people over the weekend. I’ve got shamrock socks on 😉    There’s a ride out to Monticello today too… but I’m at work ;  Yesterday I basically Did Not Go Out… it was raining and I went into Snowday mode as would happen when I was a sleep deprived teacher, even though I’m not sleep deprived.   Naps happened.   It reinforces my hypothesis that … getting started is a really big deal. Routines and all that a bit, but for me, it’s mainly Get Started Doing whatever it is, routine or not.  It’s not a trait; it’s decisions.  So I’m behind a *little* bit for getting 500 miles on the month as I did in 2018… but basically ahead of most years and ahead in annual miles …

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