On the Xtra


Successfully dropped off the Tank at Champaign Cycle Wednesday — got to work as snow started (literally — it started during the 7 minutes I was on the bus getting there).   Bus Thurs and Fri, Saturday … I have symptoms, I just slept in.

Today I remembered that stuff called tea, rode to church … then did errands.   Had to wave wave wave a driver who really wanted me to cross in front of them — and they were turning so they’d have to pass me anyway!   I’m struggling in vain to recall the other Thing Like That that happened.

I despise the University and Wright intersection — they’ve put in a “delayed green” in honor of pedestrians.  Well, if I’m on a bicycle, wanting to turn left, in back of another car that will be turning left, and they’ll have to yield to a car coming the other way, I know ahead of time that the 6 seconds left in the cycle will only probably not work, so the best strategy, which I used, was to pedal around to the right of said car in front of me, work around the pedestrian, and cruise down the trafficky University until my right turn.   (No, the light doesn’t honor bicycles at all, so waiting through a cycle can mean infinite wait.)   Happily of Sunday MOrning there wasn’t much traffic so I didn’t even annoy anybody.

Oh!   The other thing – so I went to the bank atm and a car was coming in just behind me and … no, I didn’t really know where all my crap was.   So, not to be That Person I just pulled through, looped behind, and dug out my crap, dropping a bill on the road and having to get off the bike and pick it up, exactly what I *didn’t* want to have to do in front of somebody waiting to get their money.

The guy at the ATM is lightning fast, gets his stuff and then … looked back and  *apoligized* to me 😉   as if he’d done something wrong.   I’m not sure what he was saying — English not his first language … but I got my dollars and went along my way.

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