Back insaddle


… Last Wed-Fri were on the bus, tho’ Thursday I did sneak over to Marge’s to discern that her street was solid ice, so bus on Friday.
Saturday got in an errand or two and Sunday was of the “She rides in the snow and everything!”  but it was flurries… the freezing rain and sleet all happened during church and by the time I came out the ice was sliding off the car windows and melted on the street.   Yes, 33 degrees and wind and rain is a bit bracing but it was 1 mile to get bagels, another mile to drop them off and a half mile to home so I was never out in it for more than 6 or 7 minutes.   The trip to the Friend’s Meeting House is also under 2 miles and … fun with Gore-tex.   However, I deigned to grab a ride to the bike meeting rather than swap out of all my very slightly dampened gear.   It’s one thing to ride hard in cold wet weather to get home to a hot shower; another thing to then have to sit near people at a bike club meeting ;0     Some new board members so interesting chemistry but things went well.
Rode in today w/ headwind 🙂   Also checked the log and I *did* ride more than 100 non-commuting miles in January.   That’s not likely February simply because don’t have the winter holiday break days.
The phrase “what would Jesus drive” has been revived so I’m going to see if I can find the much older article about it that I blogged about…

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