February begins :)


So! 327 miles logged in January; a few more than Jan + Feb combined last year but there were gaps in logging (no, I didn’t go 2 weeks without getting on the bike, much less the entire month of March). Thinking I should get the red bike over to shop for a new dynamo hub because I’ve been riding enough and energetically enough … the red bike’s enough easier to ride (skinnier tyres) to lend itself to extending an errand run and building real endurance.   March 2018 my bikejournal log tells me I did 500 miles thinking about Calvin’s Challenge … hmmm…. (hey, the year I did 10K I didn’t even think in that direction ’til summer and not really ’til August….)

Mainly hoping Saturdays can include Weekend Projecty stuff — painting the Gazelle, maybe, to make it a yard ornament?   At least painting over the 2 or 3 expired signs I’ve plucked from the pavement so when we have our Geogebra conference it’ll be well marked 😉   This windy climate creates opportunities…. but first, some Times Tables work…

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