Bulky Day :-)


I had to remind myself that oh, not too many years ago 21 degrees would have been an incredible heat wave.   I’m out of the habit of layering up… it is enough of an automatic don’t have to be awake for it thing, though, so it’s possible that Tuesday it could be 10 degrees and I’d do the same thing.    If it’s close to zero, though… I’m trying to remember when exactly last year we had full on polar vortex with wind chills so low that the U. and Parkland closed and the busses were free.  They didn’t even say “so y’all who are freezing can just ride all day.”   They just did it.

Climate change does have me riding the bus based on ambiguous forecasts, though.   Dangerously severe stuff happens more often and is harder to predict… so “snow and freezing rain late in the day” is enough to get me on the bus (hey, that’s not even ambiguous, though “late” usually means after I get home).

I’m past last January in mileage, but I didn’t record anything after the 11th.   Now, I had a car in custody so I suppose maybe I didn’t even use the bike to visit folks… I *like* getting out into the weather and figuring out how to navigate again.    So yes, I rode out to the bike party… as did Cynthia and Sheldon and we all had to bolt when a snow squall came up… and my tire was flat.   Happily Sheldon filled it and it held enough to stop one more time to boost along the way and get me home.   To my surprise, it was a regular sized hole in the tube — so I think that setup just lends itself to “slow leaks.”   I even knew where the patch kit was… so I still have a spare tube 🙂   … and saw another patch on the tire which supports my “it does leaks slowly” theory because that was a “go out to the garage and it’s flat” flat, not an on-the-road flat (where I swap the tube and maybe patch it later).

This morning shifting in the back rings wasn’t happening … I suspect riding in the rain and then cold means things froze.   It’s time to do cursory cleaning and … bring it by Champaign Cycle for actual maintenance, prob’ly new chain…  and … the tank is just simply 10 minutes slower on the commute and I need to add that in 😉

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