RIding again ;)


Sigh, I did get in a mile and a half yesterday because the top three layers of keys were inaccessible.   Waist bag disappeared last Tuesday that had spares tucked into the pocket.   Key keys disappeared Sunday after I brought bagels to my friend’s house.   I’m not sure why the one in a Secret Outside Place wasn’t there.   So I rode to my friend’s house (because when I made keys, I gave Pete one and he’s died since then so I know where his keys are)… snagged all the keyfobs and yea, one of ’em worked in the front door, which is especially good b/c I haven’t known where a front door key is in ages.   I’ll get an extra couple miles in swinging by Ace Hardware to make more of that and the Secret Outside Key which was inside on the Inside Key Place (that I need to make a better key place b/c it doesn’t have anythign to hang anything from).

Now, be it duly noted that the bus from Parkland … driver insisted “you’re fine! You’re fine!” with my slightly overdue annual pass and the final leg it was “that’s good 24/7!”  so I don’t even think he processed that the  month was over.   I’m still tempted to try to Not Get THe Annual Pass for a month and save myself 7 bucks and put that in the “found money” bucket… and wondering if I’d just waved the silly thing and not mentioned grace period if the first driver would have noticed (but … I suspect he would).   Not surprised when after a good ride, my hostile rumblings about paying for a bus and key issues … just don’t rumble as much.   People, GET OUTSIDE!!!

We’ve got awesome weather for another week — highs above freezing, lows barely below, no rain.   Still, 285 more miles to go to get to 5000… got one lap in today at lunch…

8+ folks on bikes on the first half of the morning commute.   None second half.   (URBANA rules 🙂 )

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