Yes, I could/should have dropped the rental off, riddenback and taken the cargo bike in… but we had a “dusting” of snow that had left ice on cars and “gusts to 30 mph,” and mtd.org said a 9A would take me to Parkland at 7:58.

Nudging towards bike was also my annual pass expiring end of November, but I decided to use my social skills and ask if there was a grace period since I’m pretty sure I, or somebody, got one one year.   It’s 12/2;  12/1 was Sunday, you can’t renew but too early and last week was Thanksgiving and you have to get the things at the terminal.   Ifigured the dollar saved would go to food pantry or my “bonus dollars” bin…

Bus is late enough fro me to check the phone at 8:01 … 3 minutes… it’s a tad cold (but pretty sure it would hvae been fine, rolling).

I board and ask and the bus driver says “no, no grace period, ” so I fish for the buck and am sad.  When he thanks me I cheerfully note walking away that he’s not particularly welcome… I’m thinking this isn’t a typical mtd experience… should I inquire?

Three folks get on the bus and  the first slides coins in and driver notes “that’s not even close to a dollar.”   He “hey, you”‘s the kiddo back to the front; kiddo’s affect is … very quiet… and tells him … if he doesn’t have the fare, just say so, that throwing money in there is like lying and is totally disrespectful.   His tone is not sharp, not angry, just … holding the kiddo accountable, who  goes back and finishes the ride to school, says something (“My bad?” I couldn’t tell), and gets off.  (Nobody else was getting off at the school at this time.   Oh, and the kiddo bore striking resemblance to person walking flat tired bike by this school when I was going to ride on cargo bike who asked if he could ride on back of my bike… and only half a mile later I had thought “should have given him dollar for bus fare.”)

Just near Parkland, a fellow in wheelchair was waving the bus down (it was a stop anyway)… and yea, I was point person for pulling the seat lever that threw the seats up to make room for a wheelchair, since I’d just parked in front seats (about 8 passengers in the bus).   SUCCESS 🙂 🙂 🙂

I can and do overanalyze the social dynamics … but yea, overall I was the snarkiest person of the day today.  (And maybe the driver has instincts and *knew* I had the dollar by how I asked…)   I knew the end of the month was coming, and while hypothetically it could have been a burden, it wasn’t. Time to do better …  oh, and a guy on a bike kept re-appearing along the route and I wonder how often he’s trying to stay ahead of the bus on his own path…


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