Green Street, revisited


Took Green Street with all its new MCORE stuff across town last night.   Sunday night so not too insane.   The bike path stuff is pretty good… and then it ends.   Mostly people were civil and it went well, though one person trying to turn right onto Green was ‘way out over the crosswalk, inching forward, forward… ever so politely waved me along but I had to get out into the traffic lane to do that, so I was compelled to say, “Usually we wait our turns, you little boy!”  … sigh, I’d have preferred it to be “young person!”  (who knows how they identify) as if I were a stern matronly authority… but I have never actually assumed that role so it’s hard.

I was speechless at the traffic light when I took my lane since it’s also right turn lane and lots of people do that… and this SUV driver peels right beside me, and I look over preparing to say “we don’t drive much??”  and got a stern look and extended finger — **exactly** what I have done once or twice (though he had to basically elbow the face of his passenger)– as the light turned green and I heard in my right ear, “The guy’s a d*ck!” as another cyclist came up beside me and rolled on ahead.

It got me 18 miles on the day, though — out to a bike club meeting, and  nice ‘tipping point’ towards “yea, it’s November with dubious weather, but you might just make 5K!”   I have 590 miles to go… with occasional 20 mile days I could do it even with days like last Thursday — 23 mph winds and snow had me on the bus for the trip home and back in Friday  … this Thursday we’ve got AM snow showers and teens at night.   I can do 17 but I gotta find all those layers 😉   … I dn’t do snow, tho’, because it’s slippery and cars are big, and the bus is fun *and* I’ve got STUFF TO DO because the silly times tables quizzes online are kinda working.   … but I also got in two laps at lunch today.

Keep on pedaling…

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