rollin’ rollin

Today was a “oh, it’s too blustery to ride!” day … from how it looked. Once riding, it was full of endorphins.

Yesterday really was too windy to ride … except it was tailwinds both ways 😉

Day before… I think this might be the first time this has actually happened to me… I’m coasting up to Mattis because … the left-turners haven’t been released on Mattis and that happens before we get the green — they go last, not first…. and there’s an irritated honk behind me. I speed up a tad in case he’s wanting to get on the merge-off-right lane but no, he passes me on the left. Of course, he’s got to stop so I’m coasting byhim as the light turns green… and then I get to pass him again at Country Fair because that light’s red, too. I gave him a wave…

… yesterday was much more typical – I waft into campus swirling everything in the wind, my jack-o-lantern springy antennae bouncing on my helmet and a co-worker crossing the parking lot breaks out laughing and says “I LOVE YOU!” (now… *maybe* she was on the phone but … this isn’t the first time that’s happened…)

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