Fun times for unicorns

Yesterday on Country Fair I pulled up behind a car at a red light.   Kid in the back — 5 years old, maybe?   (Not a mom, so could also be 3…)   Looks at me in some confusion and uncertainty.   I smiled… he smiled… it’s a long light… before it changed he’d poked his little sister in the car seat to get her to look too.  (Kiddo black, me white so might also be “never know what white people be like.” Glad the smile worked 😉 )

Good times!   An 18 mile day including Bike/Ped advisory meeting where once again we were informed that the City Can’t Afford Anything.   Unfortunately, we have … current folks in charge who’ve decided to slash and burn staff positions to get back to fiscal balance that took a long time to get to.   Still, we had a good discussion of Vision Zero… and yea, we need to keep being vocal… little statistical gems like there being 12 pedestrian/bicyclist fatalities in a ten year period starting 20 years ago… and *20* in the past ten years.   As in, almost double.   And Cindy Combs didn’t count because she was run over out of town.   Don’t know if Matt Wilhelm was in the borders or not.

Got started 7:10 today, noting to myself I’d have time to pause if there was something pauseworthy.   When I went by the Virginia Theatre at 7:30 there were people on bleacher seats and … radio station van.   I pondered the likelihood of it being an event where there was swag and decided because my legs were enjoying the morning too much that … it wasn’t pauseworthy.   I went in the back way on the perimeter instead for the extra half mile 🙂   (Oh, and I’d topped off the tyres so things were rolling smoothly ;)) Yesterday’s 17th day of the month and I had 341 miles… not sure I’ll be able to get to 600 but tomorrow is “Cycle to Suds” so I might get to 20 then, too… but we’re forecast rain of the weekend.

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