Just another commute…

First thing I noticed was the flashing reds at Vine and Illinois, where they’re doing some repaving… I didn’t help the backup with my slow crossing.

A helicopter was leaving the general vicinity of the hospital… heading NorthEast… I pondered why I couldn’t hear anything and whether it was related to the undular bore I’d read had cropped up in the skies.

Traffic counters on Main — I resisted the temptation to roll back over them a few extra times.

Main and Lincoln… heading south of hospital is … “Organ Recovery Vehicle.”

I pondered the life almost certainly lost.

I pondered the difference between men and boys when a youngster spurted past me on a single speed and assumed the “we don’t wait for no stinkin’ red lights” position at Randolph.  There were two cars in the left lane of University and with a couple seconds left on the green one turned left, the boy (granted, full facial hair — I’m talking attitude, not chronology) proceeded forward, and the second car also did because cars do that there.   They *don’t* tend to pass on the right to go straight.   Boy did a circle to avoid and prob’ly saw my head shaking slowly… I wonder if he thought it was a fun thing, or whether it alarmed him a tad.

Yesterday a rider went around me … with more room… on an actual fixie, I believe.   I slowed as we approached Neil and Clark (Eastbound, goin’ home) and he did a marvelous hopping job so he could keep the feet on the pedals and proceeded through when the light was green.   THat’s grownup fun riding.

I pondered how to decorate lampshades because there’s one on the bike to put in the lab and … I want inspiring 🙂   Or at least comfort.   office.   I have lampshadeDelight

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  1. Well, wordpress won’t let me write or edit any more so … I’ll finish on the next post!

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