FUn times ;)

This year’s Wednesday ride location means I come back through campus and …  wow, lots of folks wiht *no lights,* including a bikeshare bike that had a light … but it wasn’t on.

Church and University still have major construction so they’re only one lane for a quarter mile or so but so far no hostilities as I cruise through (and at least half the time seems they put cruise control on 12 and I get to accelerate away).   Today somebody totally ignored the red light on Prospect but the genteel driver ahead of me just braked and let them cruise through oh, 4 or 5 seconds after we had green.   THey weren’t roaring through (as if trying to make it)… looked more like oblivion. Didn’t even get a horn honk though.   Midwest 😉

… and I’m making lessons on times tables and things like “douibling and halving” so the license plate BK 68341 etched easily in my mind as the driver ignored the stop sign to get onto Church at something near McKinley.   I wish they’d stick a patrol car out there (or oh, some kind of pothole…)

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