Still August

Thursday — Move In Day.

5:58 p.m. on the commute home — that’s when I took the pic of the bus behind 3 other vehicles on First Street, all just stopped, its flashers going… completely obliterating my view of traffic coming the other direction.    Not much fun inching out there.   Glad I took the pic b/c when I mentioned it on Facebook MTD wanted to know more.  You’d have to have been there to know how badly things would be blocked becasue I took the picture after I crossed the road.   The bus pulled out as I was snapping … so *perhaps* it was an “oops! have I made a tactical error that will get reported?” situation but at least I could say that, too…  and the picture made it obvious that the bus wasn’t the only vehicle stopped there, but … First Street is a mess when things get busy.

I’ve been back at The Bike Project…. well, they finally actually got new keys to the door.   It was at least 5 years ago that was going to happen — so many people have keys to it and erm, there are personalities.   People with keys might decide to take advantage of having those keys in myriad ways that could be bad.   Hey, they didn’t 🙂 🙂 🙂   Somebody thought they might have, though, adn so … new keys happened and well, if I was gonna get the new keys  (I hadn’t turned mine in)…. I committed to 3 months of the women’s et al night but it’s on Monday nights once a month which is my singing night once school’s rolling. Subbing last Sunday though was like the good old days — well, not really because the marvelous Michael Burns isn’t there — but yea, it was getting people on bicycles, getting people fixing their bicycles… a little taxing b/c only one other person there and we had to leave early — yes, that’s like the not so good old days.   We’ll see 😉

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