New School Year!

Yea, August drivers…. this morning coming up Country Fair where they’re doing some work under the pavement so one lane’s closed; it’s only two lanes so they bottleneck us.

Ducki 3 in the red SUV  was behind me, slowed down but seemed to think we were in some video game and I’d magically be out of the way.   We pretty much played chicken a little … they let me stay in front after all and then basically stopped at the green light for a while until I was on the sidewalk.  No hostile glares or anything — I suspect “just” autopilot driving.  Think I’ll bump up designing an air horn a little higher on the list…

Last week a typical morning had a really nice driver patiently sitting well behind me ’til I could get across Lincoln at Main (yes, two summers ago that was supposed to be ‘enhanced,’ but we know where budget priorities are)… and then passed me w/ gobs of room…  but then I’m wending through the sidewalks around the construction and yea, Uni High’s students are doing sprints right where I’d get to Wright.   I mentioned this was the bike route to the adult and told the students to run hard.  Kinda wished I’d left early so I could just pause there and chat a while in the middle of things, maybe a brief lecture on automobile dependency (okay, I’m thinking of this now and will give due consideration to creating “talking points” and then forget about them…. )

Fifth Street has car patiently waiting at that stop sign except the driver behind lands on the horn.   Well, the first car went — had plenty time — but yea, I proceeded through as honking man waited…

AND KELLEY FINISHED PARIS BREST PARIS!!!  I think not fast enough (by a pretty small margin, which has got to be moderately annoying)  for official medal — 92 hours … some extra allowed for helping somebody along the way but “not enough” but “it doesn’t matter.”


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