Where’s the oil :)

Whereas I thought I had a tailwind heading North getting the trike at lunch … the thing seemed self-propelled.   I could have been going 5 mph —  too weird a perspective to have speed sense — but I thought… okay, this thing is not so low it doesn’t catch wind ’cause I’m coasting fast.     However, I was going North and the wind is 14 mph from the west.

Yea, I’m pretty sure that I’ve got a bunch of crud in the chain and/or my tires are disgustingly low on the Tank … this bike shouldn’t be *that* much easier.

Drivers gave me *tons* of room. . . tho’ I did cross Springfield and then cut into the parking lot because there were 8 or 9 cars behind me.   Got back out and a few hundred yards later, bike lane time — and I need to stay further right than on two wheels. My *natural* tendency is to be to the left of the bike lane, so I duck into it when somebody’s behind me… so on this wide body… I need to accommodate, I suspect… because there was a person not passing me when I was in the bikelane.   Now, it could have been a WTF thing… but when I tucked over, they went on by… then I crossed and went on the sidewalk which was its own fun. On 2 wheels I dodge ’round the mudpies left from when it snowed months ago and they cleared things…. and sometimes I’ve plowed through the mud (did I mention the bike needs to be cleaned?)  … on 3 wheels that’s a totally different experience.   The “let’s balance things” motions … don’t matter ’cause the bike has 3 wheels thank you. So I’m a little afraid of riding this thing a lot — I’ll expect two wheels to balance themselves 🙂

Yea, I’m a little nervous about riding home.   I have a feeling that on the right side of the road it’s “oh, that overgrown wheelchair… I’ll move around…” but that it’ll be Making No Sense So Brain Won’t Process (a.k.a. invisible gorilla)  doing, say, a left turn.

We’ll see!

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