New to me!

First, some observations — day before yesterday, as I’m waiting to turn onto Bradley which is a quarter mile on highest traffice count in the county so I often duck over to sidewalk (eastbound a couple of high visibility low traffic entries and a right turn to easy re-entry to road )… but there was a beagle height but definitely not beagle shaped dog pelting eastbound in the right lane a foot from the curb.

Light changed; I got onto the road and a van was… yes, stopped in the traffic lane 1/8 mile ahead.  I took my lane as the driver  made some fascinating maneuvers (but driving; if the dog had been picked up that was a done deal) and realized yes, cars could tell I was a bicycle from the top of the hill behind me and take evasive action long before they’d see the need for same for the van, which ended up backing into one of those driveways.

I have no idea the status of dog…

This a.m. was rife with people running stop signs and red lights.  YEs, I was 6 minutes late which became 8 at Lincoln — I hope they get onto make that actually crossable.   The pedestrian and cyclist who were more daring than I didn’t make pretty pictures timing their bobs and weaves.

I had considered taking the bus because it stormed just before 7:00 and because then I could pick up the new-to-me Catrike Trail … but tonight’s a club ride, too, and while it’s a slow paced ride, I need to figure out how to drive the thing and how people react to it.   My driving strategies are different for each bike b/c I’m perceived differently.

Pictures will come!   I had decided I couldn’t *stomach* spending what a Catrike costs on principle, and I’d forgotten why I wanted one, but when this one was tagged at $800 but no takers from the community bike sale, I got on it and… this masher enjoys the lean-back-and-mash!  geometry.   Day later I remembered the imagined scenario for why I wanted to have one… we’ll see if I can make that pan out 🙂

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