Cycling season!

Semi-official 🙂   Season started Saturday with no rides because it was 40 degrees w/ gusts to 40 mph.

Yesterday’s commute was remarkable in that first, where I turn left (with full L turn lane and arrow if I hit things just right), a driver horned me from the straight-going lane.   I noted the tag AF3 9335 … which I would certainly have forgotten, except that at the next intersection a driver just couldn’t be bothered to move into the left lane at all to go around me … not particularly scary but so atypical… and that was an AF3 tag and… a third AF3 driver (all different cars) … I don’t remember what silliness it was but each time it inspired me to recall the first one.

I saw an AF4 this morning… I’m thinking these are recent tags from folks moving here from places were folks drive more aggressively.   (I am really hoping my brother will soon take back my AC9… I want to be free from car ownership.)

This a.m. notable because … I was on time with minutes to spare and no tailwind to help.

Monday a 24 year old man was seriouslyl injuredin hit and run on Highcross (concussion, ribs, long list of body trauma 😦 ) …. and apparently a head-on with cars killed a mom and daughter.   Last week it was Shelly Taylor killed walking across Main Street (in the crosswalk) at Vine… we had talked 3 weeks before about the increase in numbers of crashes, injuries, and fatalities but good grief, did the world have to prove it ?!?!?!??   (and … can we just make it harder to earn and keep the privilege of driving?)


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