Back in the saddle

Last week it was the bus every day.   Actual snow a couple of times… yes, two of those days I’d have almost certianly been fine but it was “watch for slippery spots” and… I like the bus.  Oh, and .. riding *every day* the previous week with extras and with lots of layers… there was chafing.   It’s almost healed…
Saturday — tons of rain and 30+ mph winds.   Got out for errands ahead of time (as prescribed by local meteorologist on twitter and yes, he might have had me in the back of his  mind when he posted to do errands now if you didn’t want to do them in pouring rain) so there were 3.6 miles in.     Lady w/ handicapped tags 294 393 or something like that (I know the two nines and that the last digits were one apart and the first digits were low)  rolled the stop sign at Kirby as if I didn’t exist and yes, she got an earful as she went by right in front of me.   All signs were it was an “invisible gorilla” situation where she really didn’t see me at all because she didn’t expect something.

The “thank you for shoveling your walk” sign blew into the yard and … it seemed to think it should go into the garage and that we’d have no more snow this season 🙂   I hope it’s right.

This morning I got an “I like your antennae!”  from a bus stop waiter 🙂   THe little headband on the helmet with the shamrocks at the end bring smiles….

Ready to ride!!!

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